Friday, January 2, 2009

So Clean!

Ben Kinsella on Middle Palguin

Well we have had some warm up days. And so it was finally time to huck! The middle palguin has a perfect 70 footer ready to say ¨Welcome to my whitewater paradise!¨to anybody wanting some extra splashy splash.

Ben and I started off on the upper palguin with Adam and Ricky. Very very enjoyable as usual. At the time I was contemplating running the bubbly 10 footer right above the seventy so I was quite nervious actually. Decided against it and felt much better from there on out.

We finally get to the seal lanch rock right at the lip of the 70. it is really quite a ridiculous drop geologically speaking. The 10 foot drop used to fall into a 40 followed by a 30. Recently during an earth quake the rock forming the 30 fell away creating the pool of the 70. It is difficult to explain, but once you are there seeing the actualy rock you can visualize the old drop and think of all that cascading down stream during the earth quake.

Anyways, Adam one the hand toss and had a very nice line falling off the lip. Ben went next with a roll right above the lip due to the squirlyness of the seal launch, but popped up and went beautifully as well. After the hit his paddle unfortunatly shot towards the only bit of wood which we eventually got out. I plopped in next and dropped my paddle as we all had planned felt the hit and then the boat tried to fold in on me! some how I had ended up upsidedown under the watefall. felt kinda weird and definatly left some creases on the boat.

We finished up with the lower section and took out finishing off a very very nice day. Tomorrow we head to the Gol Gol. It is pointless to make plans, but at the moment the idea is to stay there for a bit and then head to the Futa region. We shall see.
Bradford McArthur is quite happy


  1. HELL YEAH boys!!!! Nicely done on that there cataracta grande. I'm so stoked for you guys running amuck down there and firing it up. Keep up the good work. Reading the blog brings me great joy. It appears as though you have all transcended to Boofenland. Miss you guys, and an extra big Hell Yeah on keeping it marginal!! Stay safe out there.

  2. yeah dogs bark bark that picture is one of the most photogenically gorgeous shots ive ever seen, fuckkk yeah boys!!!!

  3. nice work...did i mention something about photo envy?