Friday, April 10, 2009


Hey there marginal folks, we FINALLY got the trailer up online.  I hope you all have facebook cause that was the only way we could get it on the web.  Check it out!

Thanks to Brian Christiansen for the sweet trailer!

Friday, April 3, 2009

TEAM MARGINAL ASSEMBLE!!!!! That's right, the Bozeman Paddling Film Festival is snarlin' and ready to get let out of the cage on April 22nd at the Emerson. Show starts at 7 pm with Tickets available NOW at Northern Lights (and the Barn on huffine) for $8 stinkin' dollars! Raffle prizes will include such wonderful items as a Werner Paddle, Astral life jacket, Predator helmets, Fiveten footwear, NRS goody bags, and way to much shwag for one person to fathom! All proceeds from the event go to First Descents, a kayaking camp for young adults with Cancer. Put on your gnarly boots, cause we're about to get EXTREME!... in a very organized and civil sense of the word. Check out the poster, and tell your friends, this ones gonna be sweet! I better see all you river rats there!

P.S. - Thank you Outside Bozeman for the blurb this issue, check it out!


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