Tuesday, March 30, 2010

California here we are!

We made it to the promised land. After several months of boating in Chile and a short but refreshing break we are back in action. The start of 4th quarter has found us just outside of Yosemite National park on the Merced river. Before that we were picking our way down the North Fork of the Feather River outside of Chico.
The Feather was great fun. Enabling the students to work on their boofs and communication skills. I saw a great deal of improvement in them and hope to continue the trend that we have started. Watching the gears turning in their young minds is a very exciting priviledge. To know that they honestly want to get better and heed the advice I give with focus and determination is a prideful point for a coach. From swimming one day and then sticking the line the next, they grow with each day on the water. I look forward to seeing them progress even more as the semester continues. The following are some slick shots from the Feather River. I just bought one of those fancy Go Pro cameras, so look for a little head cam action here in a few weeks!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Closing of a Chapter

We're on our last day in Chile. It has been an epic ride to say the least. With highs and lows, earthquakes and waterfalls, trials and tribulations we traveled the Chilean landscape with kayaks and calculus books in tow. From the Maipo valley to the Futaelfu the students have seen myriad places and people. Someday these kids will look back on this experience and truly understand how incredible of a journey it was. Even I am having trouble grasping the magnitude of awesomeness that this trip has created for us here at WCKA. Words cannot fully describe the journey we have gone on, but I know that it is one I, and the students, will never forget. In that light I give you this video edit of the Futa, edited by Connor Jackson.

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