Friday, January 9, 2009

Into the land of BFGs (Big Friendly Giants)

The big one on middle Palguin began a none stop mission of large incredibly beautiful drops.

We began by driving down to the Gol Gol south of Pucon. This river has seven increasingly large drops. It begins with a 12 footer and ends with 45 footer. Ablsolutely ridiculously awesome.

Jared Seiler inspecting the gnarly low water slot
Ben Kinsella boofing huge on Indio
All of us watching Ian Garcia the probe

After the Gol Gol we headed over to Nellawe which is a big steep slide to a vertical drop. With a cave on the left a good line here was the concern of everyone.

Super fast, super fun. This drop is quite unique in the feeling when
launching down it

After boating such quality drops for days in a row we headed back to Pucon with plans to head for Argentina. We woke up at eight and headed to the car rental place to procure a truck for the next 6 days. Getting the correct papers to cross into Argentina proved difficuolt and we didnt leave until 2. After boating non stop since our arrival this was out first day not kayaking. Pretty good really. We drove through the night and didnt sleep until 6 am the next day. Spending the night searching for an illegal waterfall called Alerces we finally acepted defeit and slept for a few hours. upon waking up we found the drop and had a blast!

Bradford McArthur boofing into the curtain of Alerces

Doing a little boat repair
Ricky Lambert checking out a carnage shot
Team Marginal!

We packed up and moved on out to our next mission of a stealth hike in of the also illegal Cafe creek. Unfortunately with the same luck as before we spent most of the night until 4 am hiking our boats around the Argentinian wilderness searching for the run. After Pat rescued a lost Ben and myself we slept for a bit and in the light of the day found and started hiking up the creek. The daylight showed us the way but kept us nervious the whole way up. Getting buzzed by a helicopter once was exciting as well as nervracking. Once locked into the safety of the gorge we enjoyed extremely beautiful quality drops. Mandatory clean 15 and 40 footer, oh my gosh we are getting so spoiled.

Bradford McArthur seconds away from mega wall douche
40 footer of Cafe

We are now back in Chile on the Futaleufu, but that is for a different post.


  1. OK - i have super photo envy....

  2. No doubt you all were feel'n a bit Hucky!

    Life is short!