Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chile Begins!

Well Pat, Ben and myself just arrived in Chile. Two out of three boats arriving is not bad. The weather is perfectly reminiscent of a Bozeman summer. Needless to say we are extremely excited to hop in our boats as soon as possible. Passing over a flooding river in town a few minutes ago only adds to this.

Ben instructing me on the finer points of kayaking during our wait.

We are now waiting on our bus to Pucon which departs in seven hours. Arriving around 645 tomorrow morning we will hop on a river as fast as can be.

Its quite awesome leaving Bozeman´s negative 16 below weather and come to a place like this. We have no where near the right amount of time to boat everything here. As soon as we get some kayaking shots we´ll stick them up here real soon for you guys. Alright, full steam ahead!

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